Product Information:
SX-BS FLEX is thermoplastic, flame retardant and halogen free compound on polyolefinic basis. It can be used for
production of energy, signal and control cables.
Properties of this compound comply with the requirements of BS 7655:6.1 types LTS1, LTS2 & LTS3, LTS4, VDE
207part 24, type HM2, HM4, HM5 and VDE 207 part 23 HI2, BS EN 50575, IEC 60502-1 type ST8 and IEC 60092-
359 type SHF1.

Extrusion Temperatures: 115 °C – 120 °C – 125 °C – 130 °C – 135°C – 145°C

It is packaged as 1250 kg in octabin.