Product Information:
SX-8450-HBK is a black HDPE compund it has broad molecular weight disturibitation. Which provides excellent
processability, excellent environmental stress crack resistance, free ofdie drool and excellent physical toughness.
SX-8450-HBK contains 2,5 % well-dispersed carbon black. It i designed for jacketing of energy and communication
The proparties of this compound comply with the requrements ASTM D 1248 Type 1, Class C, Category 4, Grade
E4, E5, J3, W2, W3, W4, ISO 1872-PE, KCHL, 23-D012, BS6234:Type H03C, TS2, IEC 60502:ST3, ST7, IEC 60540:ST3,
ST7, ICEA:S-61-402, S-84-608-1988, Telcordia:GR-421, ANSI:C8-35.

It is packaged as 1000 kg in octabin.

Extrusion Temperatures: 180 °C – 190 °C – 200 °C – 220°C – 230°C

Shelf life 90 day. SX-8450-HBK should be stored in a manner that avoids direct exposure to sunlight and heat.
The storage area should also be dry. KABKOM does not provide a warranty for quality deterioration that is a
result of faulty storage conditions.