Product Information:
Silicone Masterbatch KK-S1142 is a pelletized formulation contain 50% ultra high molecular weight siloxane polymer
dispersed in Polyolefin resin. Suitable for all Polyolefin compatible resin system to improve the processing properties
and surface quality. Compare with traditional additives like silicone oil, amide, wax etc, it’ s much more efficient for
lubricity and without any migrate.

Product Applications:
 LSFOH/LSIH cable compounds
 LDPE/ATH.EVA/ATH halogen-free retardant polyolefin cable materials
 PE Packaging film
 Silicone core pipe
Typical Applications:
Usage/Addition rate: 0,5-5%

Processing Temperature: 130-180°C

Packaging: It is packaged as 15 kg in aluminum bags, 600 kg pallets.

KK-S1142 should be stored in a manner that avoids direct exposure to sunlight and heat. The storage area should
also be dry. KABKOM does not provide a warranty for quality deterioration that is a result of faulty storage