Product Applications:
KK-MD1024 was especially developed for short and long term stabilization of low voltage power cable insulation
(XLPE) using silane cross-linking technologies, such as the one-step technology. The antioxidant protects the
polymer against thermal degradation and the metal deactivator inhibits the catalytic degradation effect of
transition metal ions. The recommended dosage depends on ageing test requirements, on the type of
polyetylene and on te type of silane used. It enables the cable producer to meet the requirements of international

Typical Applications:
Usage/Addition rate : 1-3 %

Packaging: It is packaged as 15 kg in aluminum bags, 600 kg pallets.

KK-MD1024 should be stored in a manner that avoids direct exposure to sunlight and heat. The storage area
should also be dry. KABKOM does not provide a warranty for quality deterioration that is a result of faulty storage