Product Information:
HFFR-68B is halogen free flame retardant bedding compound based on polyolefine resin. This compound is easy
to process, increase the overall production rate, maintain good mechanical properties and provides better
surface quality. It can be processed without any need co-extrusion, high temperature level at the extruder and
type of the screw. HFFR-68B is specially produced for BS6724 standart.

Special Features:
 Excellent processing properties
 Low smoke and reduced toxic or corrosive gas emissions
 Processability on most HFFR/PVC/PE extrusion equipment

Extrusion Temperatures: 100°C – 110°C – 115°C – 120°C – 125°C

It is packaged as 1250 kg in bigbag.

HFFR-68B should be stored in a manner that avoids direct exposure to sunlight and heat. The storage area should
also be dry. KABKOM does not provide a warranty for quality deterioration that is a result of faulty storage